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It’s not wireless. And it’s just at the game stop. US

Edit: one big grip down, two missings.

I recently predicted that the good guys at HyperX snowcloud would be working on a new wireless gaming headset. Wireless is a huge growth market in audio right now, and every other major player in the gaming headset space already has at least one model that has cut the bone.

HyperX then tweeted this picture of some headphone stands.

“Very good!” I thought to myself. “They’re going to do it!”

But they did not.

Overview of HyperX Cloud Alpha

Cloud Alpha is a new $ 99 headset from HyperX.

Other than the holes in the AirCup Forks, it’s not much different from the old Tuxar Pro 80 design that serves as the basis for other cloud headsets.

However, I don’t think they will continue to work with Takstar.


Good Snowcloud

The cable is now detachable. Yes! Cloud II has needed this feature for almost two years. Detachable cables are now commonplace in this price range and hopefully, this will force Razer to start this work as well.

The drivers are now 50mm units, inside a new “dual chamber” air piece. I’m not sure about that. These are probably the same controllers that HyperX designed for the Cloud Revolver, which means the Takstar Pro 80 controllers are finally gone. I really liked the sound of these controllers, but I guess it makes sense to leave them behind after using internet juneau ak for so long. Still, they were like DT770 controllers but for less money.

I hope you like the new ones. So for now, I’ll be optimistic.

The ear cushions are flat and the headband is large. I am sure they will be comfortable. HyperX is one of the only companies that try to make all its gaming headsets ridiculously comfortable.


Bad Snowcloud

From what I know so far, I have only three complaints. But they are bothering me a little.

They cut out some extra stuff. You won’t get an extra pad or USB sound card in the box anymore, but you’re still paying $ 99.


In A World Where The Logitech G433 Is … It’s A Difficult Sale

Ironically, at the bottom of this page, there is a small chart of HyperX comparing Cloud Alpha to G433, which shows that Alpha has better features. But they leave out that the G433 includes an extra AirPad and a DTS Headphone: X sound card. They also leave out that its 40mm drivers are made of a proprietary low distortion mesh material at t juneau alaska, and they hope you’ll consider its size. The bigger the driver, the better.

(Big drivers are not always better.)

Heck, Alpha will lose to HyperX’s previous snowcloud II on the same chart, if I really want to choose. Kind of fun, right?

It’s not terrible that these extras have disappeared, but without these extras in the box, it will be difficult to compete in the market against Razer and Logitech headsets … unless the sound is amazing.

They are not wireless. HyperX already sells a ton of wired headset models in various price ranges. This new one should probably be wireless, at least for PC users. I know it’s more difficult for console gamers to add wireless because you need a full base station thanks to the Arcane manufacturer’s rules … but most wireless PC headsets are compatible with detachable cables. Get along

Will Alpha get a wireless overhaul in the future? Probably? wait.


Unless Hyperx Is Ridiculously Involved In The Concept Of Wired Gaming

But Corsair and Logitech have wireless models in this price range, and Razer and Steelseries are not far behind. So launching a big new wired headset right now is weird and at least that’s not a sign that a wireless model is coming.

They already have revolvers for those who want a premium cord product. Maybe his contract with the talk star has expired?

To be clear, I would say the same thing if it was specific to another retailer.

In my opinion, when that happens, it’s frustrating. I’m sure GameStop has paid some money for that, and they’re hoping that headset-obsessed gamers like me will buy there instead of waiting for the special window to end.

But headphones are not game consoles. Consoles require specialized software to sell hardware to consumers. Headphones are a very different business.

In fact, getting peripherals is quite common for retailers. It’s special these days … but it’s usually a color or special edition, not a “complete” special. If there was a special edition of Gamestop but it could get regular alpha everywhere, I would be less worried.

I hope the business makes sense for HyperX snowcloud. GameStop may have written them a big check. Maybe they will really promote you in your marketing. Or maybe it’s HyperX trying to improve the low supply / soft launch situation.

I am not going to buy them or review them unless they are available everywhere.


Final Thoughts

This is the first HyperX snowcloud headset that doesn’t mean much to me۔ In general, their products are very attractive. I’m curious to hear such voices, and I feel it in my mind … but the lack of surround sound, wireless, and the inbox extras he’s known for is a little disturbing.

For more information, please visit sbxhrl.

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