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As the mobile gaming market grows, independent snowcloud producers have found themselves with a wealth of opportunities, which has sparked their excitement. When it comes to developing and improving their games, new video game companies face a number of challenges. Requirements to switch between platforms (smartphones, tablets, and consoles). As well as the need to alter the game look or logic without having to release an entirely new app. Are recurring issues for mobile app developers.

There is now a developer preview version of the AWS Mobile SDK for Unity. Thanks to the AWS Mobile Development team’s recent announcements. As a result of using Unity, you can now create multi-platform applications that run on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Software development kits for Amazon Cognito, Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon S3 are available (SDK).

All your applications can be backe up. And synchronize across all of your devices with Amazon Cognito’s secure AWS resources access. This sample and the accompanying blog post explaining how to save games to the cloud. Cache them on the user’s local device, and sync them across. All of the user’s other devices using Amazon Cognito.

Because of its scalability, DynamoDB is a flexible NoSQL database that consistently delivers latency in the single-digit millisecond range. If your game requires data to be share among multiple players, DynamoDB can help. In the case of a top score table and a share asset list, this type of data can be found.

It’s not just DynamoDB that you can choose from here. It is possible to store these files in the snowcloud using Amazon. S3 if the assets of your game are frequently update. Amazon S3 can then be use to download these files at run time. If you make use of this feature. You’ll save yourself the trouble of publishing an entire update to the app stores.

The AWS Mobile md cloud for Unity is compatible with both the free. And paid versions of Unity 4.0 and later. While the SDK is currently being test. The development team is open to suggestions for improvements based on the feedback they receive. As a result, please feel free to contact the AWS SDK repository. On snow cloud bachelor gulch GitHub with any questions, problems, or ideas you may have.


Listed Below Are Some Helpful Resources To Get You Start:

  • AWS Mobile SDK for Unity
  • The AWS Mobile SDK for Unity Getting Start Guide
  • Amazon Cognito Sync: How to Get Start
  • Learn the fundamentals of Amazon S3
  • Learn the fundamentals of Amazon DynamoDB’s use


Following snowcloud repositories contain the Software Development Kit (SDK) and any related samples

  • Please visit the GitHub repository of the AWS Mobile SDK for Unity

A GitHub repo for AWS Mobile SDKs has set up for Un

For more information, please visit sbxhrl.

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