Pros & Cons of Hair Extensions 101: The Lifesaver for Hair Styling Routine

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Are you ready to upgrade your hair bun game? Well then, this is the right place to search for it! It does not matter if you are confused with your daily hairstyle or a formal one. I will guide you to the perfect providers who have taken my breath away with their outstanding and appealing hair extensions. If you know me well, you might see that I am too picky and choosy about what I am choosing for dressing up, be it daily wear, work routine, formal event, or even a brunch or dinner. And when I mean to dress up, it caters to my whole look, which is incomplete without my hair! I like to play around with my hair, and the chicest and most classy hairdo for me is always going with hair extensions of various kinds. It has been some time now that I am insanely addicted to JuvaBuns; I feel so lightheaded about my hair now. It is like I have everything sought out for me already!

I Tired The JuvaBun Hair Extensions & They Rocked my World!  

JuvaBuns use hair available in different hair textures and a wide range of shades to match the perfect texture and hue of your hair. They have a wide range of hair extensions, including; tiny curly buns, two-strand braids, magic ponytails, afro hair buns, claw clip ponytails in 7 inches, and claw clip wavy ponytails in different shades. The best part about them is that they not only throw the product to you by simply delivering it to you but also take full responsibility for their product by actually providing the customer with the ways of how to use it. 

They are so affordable and manageable that even you might recheck if you are wearing hair extensions. I can 100% say these magical products are musts. 

I have been using them for a time now, and the hair extensions that I have personally used are the following:

  1. Two Strand Braid
  2. Small Curly bun
  3. Magic Ponytail
  4. Claw Clip Wavy Ponytail 

Major Pro: People Can’t Stop Obsessing Over My Hair                                                       

I like to use it when I am headed to a brunch or a day out somewhere, even at some events where I don’t have enough time to you know to spend energy in doing my hair with such perfection look so I put this on which takes not more than 5 mins to flawlessly fix it into my hair, making me look so elegant and classy at the same time. I remember a recent event. Last week, I went to a close friends’ bridal shower, and my friends did not believe that these were hair extensions because they matched so ideally with my hair. None of them could differentiate until I showed them that these were hair extensions and not my natural hair. 4 of my friends immediately asked for the website. Upon hearing the price, 3 of them ordered these right away. Now, this was my real-life experience, and I am so glad that I could be helpful. 

Style Them However You Want – They Are Heat Resistant                                             

The second product that I used is their small curly bun. It is my favourite product of all hair extensions because it is made up of Kanekalon heat-resistant synthetic fibres and is just the best. And I almost use it every day when I am going for a quick refreshing outdoor activity or some shopping, even the groceries, and it saves my time. It gives me the most fabulous messy hair look since I have a bit of messy hair but when I make a bun, they do not have that volume and thickness to upgrade my hair game. But I swear since I have bought this one, it saved my life; I no longer feel confident and shy about my hair, nor does it take a whole lot of time to set up. I roll up my hair, put on this classy bun, and I am good to go! I even use it at the office sometimes when I want an elegant look to spice up my hair game.

So Many Colour Options! 

The last two products that I have used are their magic ponytail and claw clip wavy ponytail. They are available in numerous shades to match the one which suits the customer. I use these products daily at work, and they are my lifesavers. I can make numerous hairstyles with just these extensions, including high or low ponytails, some braiding, or a sleek pony, and they effortlessly blend in with my natural hair. As I have shorter hair and I like to have long ones when it comes to making a ponytail, it takes me 2 minutes to wear either of them, and become confident about my hair within a few seconds. 

For the magic ponytail, I like to attach it, then wrap a strand of my original hair around it and secure it with a bobby pin. While for the claw clip wavy ponytail, I easily clip these extensions on my hair. I use this one when I am too lazy to curl my hair or use a slightly different look for my ponies. 

Hair Extensions Are A Go-To For Me! 

Since I have already told you that I have been using these hair extensions personally, and they make me feel so confident and classy that my hair game lifts within seconds, I use them daily because I feel incomplete when I am not using one of their products in my hair, and I highly recommend for you guys to check out their hair extensions; they are super cheap and affordable, yet classic and reliable for your hair and ae also available in different hair types, textures, and shades. So without giving a second thought or wasting your time, click on this link for these great hair extensions

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