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You can know about a realtor from anywhere these days: billboards, radio ads, online sites like Facebook, banner ads on websites, and family and friends’ recommendations. With so many different options to find a realtor, it is natural for your search to seem overwhelming. Our piece of advice is only that you must stick to the sources that make it easy and quick to find top real estate agents.

And going on some of the best real estate websites offering agent matching services is one surefire way to find a good realtor. Many of the service providers pre-screen agents for you after getting to know about your specific needs as a home buyer or seller. This makes the agent search easier and faster for you as they do all the leg work for you. As you peek into the reviews and HomeLight reviews, you’ll get to know that the agent matching companies even offer great commission savings for you.

What are agent matching services?

Agent matching services are the easiest and quickest way to connect to top real estate agents who can help you with buying or selling a house. The best real estate websites offering agent matching services are the ones that learn about your needs and offer you a few top pre-vetted agents.

You cannot work with any agent you want as the agent selection is limited to the agents in the company’s network. However, with the best real estate websites, you get plenty of good choices and top high-rated agent suggestions. You can find a realtor in many different ways. But agent matching services also offer you features like built-in commission savings that can save you thousands of dollars on your home sale.

However, note that not all agent matching services are the same. Some agent matching services aren’t able to connect you with quality agents as they don’t properly vet the agents that join their network. Some other services match you with good agents but do not connect you with multiple agents.

For example, as per reviews, the company matches you with only one agent at a time, limiting you to compare multiple agents.

Thus, agent matching services are the perfect way to start your search. Also, many of them are 100% free and if you do not like agent suggestions, you are free to walk away. Moreover, you can save big on commissions by opting for such a service.

Characteristics of a good agent matching service company

Below are some of the markers you must look for to find the best real estate websites offering agent matching services:

  1. Easy and fast: A good agent matching service does the leg work of finding and screening potential matches and sends you the list in a few hours.
  2. Savings: The best real estate websites pre-negotiated savings with agents for you.
  3. Completely free: Most agent matching services must be and are free. They make money by charging a referral fee from agents.
  4. Quality agents: The best agent matching services follow quality criteria for agents joining their network and ensure that the referred agents are standard. They may even step in if anything goes wrong.
  5. Option to compare: The best agent-matching real estate websites give you at least a few options so that you can choose and pick from the available options.

How agent matching services work?

An ideal agent matching service must learn about your preferences and situation, and then match you with local professional realtors from good brokerages you can choose from. Most top real estate websites offer you plenty of good choices in agents. You can even go on and try multiple agent matching services as they are all mostly free.

Agent matching services are a good option to find agents as they are much easier and faster than searching for realtors on your own. Signing up on one of such platforms takes just a few minutes and you get your agent matches generally within a few hours. Top real estate brands only refer you to highly-rated agents so you are left with only the best and solid options. Moreover, some of the best matching services also offer pre-negotiated discounts with agents. This can save you a lot of money as it’s hard to negotiate with agents on your own.

Thus, the best real estate website offering an agent matching service can do more than just provide you with a master list of top agents in your locality. Here’s how it works:

  1. Gives you a short form to fill: You have to first enter your preferences and tell the agent matching service about your situation. The information like your address, property type, range, timeline, etc. helps the company to narrow down your agent search.
  2. Runs your query: After you enter your information, their algorithm sifts through the database of local agents to enlist top agents with experience relevant to your property.
  3. Go through the data: The algorithm goes through their agent database to figure out agents that can sell your type of home at a listing price you entered or get you the property you want. With this procedure, the service skims out a handful of qualified agents that check all your boxes.
  4. Check reviews: As per HomeLight reviews, the service even looks at the agents’ specialties and reviews. For example, the service can look at the qualitative factors like agents with a waterfront experience or one that is good with investment properties to meet your specific requirements.
  5. Receive your matches: As your agent matches list gets ready, you get an email with a list of recommended agents and their experience. After that, you can interview each agent to select one who you want to work with. You can request a comparative market analysis from agents to know about their pricing strategy and your home’s initial evaluation.

Working with the best agent matching services saves you time while making your search for a good local agent more effective and money-saving.

The best agent matching real estate websites

Below is the list of the best agent-matching real estate websites in the US:

  1. HomeLight

HomeLight is one of the best real estate websites on the list but has its shortcomings. With a lot many great agents in its network and its ease of usage, HomeLight is a strong contender for you to look for agents. But its competitors like Ideal Agent, UpNest, and Clever also offer similar services along with a kind of cost-benefit. Also, you can’t completely rely on the match quality as the fully-automated process can often give off-base results and matches in certain markets. However, as per HomeLight reviews, you could get great matches if you are living in a metro market.

  1. Ideal Agent

Ideal Agent follows strict quality criteria to include agents in their network. You are also promised a discounted 2% listing fee if you are selling a home, which is great compared to the traditional 3% listing fee. But if you are a home buyer, Ideal Agent has no savings to offer you. Also, as per reviews, it only matches you with one agent at a time. So, if you are trying the services of Ideal Agent, you must also seek agent referrals from other agent matching services to draw a comparison.

So, Ideal Agent offers you good quality agents but fewer options and savings.

  1. Clever

Clever offers good value as compared to other best real estate websites offering agent matching services. Clever also pre-negotiates the commission rate with listing agents. Your commission costs can be reduced by a lot because of this feature. Clever matches you with many different agents and so you can interview many licensed agents and choose the best one.

Final word

Selling or even buying a home is challenging. With a lot going on in life, the easy way is to hire the first agent you come across. But why do that when you can find someone perfectly qualified for you? You can get customized and well-researched recommendations for free from companies like UpNest and HomeLight. Houzeo is also one of the best real estate websites when you are looking for a flat fee MLS companies.


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