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With the fast-rising of technology, many are taking interest in this field and many are turned to be experts. Many schools offer courses related to these, and many job opportunities can be taken from this growing industry. 

But in this article, we will only be talking about game design. What is game design, or what does it mean to become a game designer? What job offers are there in this field? What skills are needed and to be developed? And lastly, how do I secure a job in this field? This article will contain it all. 

What is game designing or being a game designer?

Game design is about creating such games for entertainment, educational, exercise, or experimental purposes. It is also a part of the broad field of video game development. Being a game designer does not only require you to be creative, but it also requires you to be techy. 

It entails developing engaging narratives, characters, objectives, guidelines, and problems that direct interactions with other characters, users, or objects. Programming, graphic design, scripting, game mechanics, and many other skills are thus required of game designers. The field of game design is dynamic, rewarding, and full of opportunities for employment. 

What jobs are offered in this field and what skills are needed and to be developed?

In the game design industry, you can land various jobs and not just be a game designer. Some examples may be being a game animator, game audio engineer, game programmer, creative design director, game artist, game marketer or PR, and many more. 

A game animator is one that combines technology with art. They create interactive animated images that’s why they are called the multimedia maestro. Being a game audio engineer to bring life to the games. They blend dynamic audio and comprehend the essence of the game. They work on mixing ambient sounds and adding sound effects and background music for the game. Game programmers type in codes to program cellphones, computers, and video game systems to read. They choose the gaming language that best suits the game platform. 

Creative design directors are the ones in charge of the concepts of the game. They are responsible for ensuring the overall visual of the game is perfect in all aspects. Game artists are the ones in charge of creating 2D or 3D visual elements of the settings, background, etc. of the game. A game marketer or PR is one who deals with the public. They make sure that the developer’s message is passed and taken well by the public.

But whatever role you might acquire, your responsibilities may still include: Developing the storyline, character back-stories, and dialogue, Creating gameplay, rules, and the soring system, Determining the level of difficulty, Building interfaces and environments, Level and world design, Programming/scripting, Digital editing, Image rendering, and testing. 

Working in this field does not only require skills, it also helps you gain them. You’ll gain communication skills, advertising skills, entrepreneurship, computer graphic techniques, and a lot more than you think. 

How to secure a job in the industry?

Securing a job in this field might not require you a degree or diploma but it does require you to complete courses like B.S in Graphics, Animation & Gaming, B. Tech in Computer Science and Game development, and other relevant courses. Candidates with a degree in engineering might have an advantage over other candidates when applying for a job since they have better knowledge of the technical aspects of computer applications. 

When writing and preparing your game design resume, you might want to remember these details. The first thing is writing the header. When writing the header, make sure to make it easy for the employer to contact you. Of course, put your personal information required and contact information. For a game design resume, make sure to include your portfolio links or LinkedIn profile so it is easy for the recruiter to see your work if they wish. 

When writing your skills in the resume, referring to the stated skills above might help you. Also, make sure to check the job posting to get hints on what the employer or company is looking for. They might look for knowledge of specific programs or applications so take note of that. When writing your work history, write it in reverse chronological order. This simply means to write your most recent work first. You need to select responsibilities that are pertinent to the position you are looking for, depending on where you are in your game design journey. Make careful to thoroughly read the job description because there may be numerous job titles within the field of game design that have diverse responsibilities.

The gaming industry seems to grow year on year. It’s challenging to foresee the future in a trend-driven sector that’s always evolving. With today’s technology that allows people all over the world to have access to getting into games and even gives them opportunities to create and release their own, the fast-growing industry of games seems to have no plans of slowing down. 

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