The Different Branches Of Environmental Science For Study

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  1. Environmental science is one of the most interesting sciences that you could study. It is also very diverse and there is a lot that you could study. Environmental Science lets you study the Earth and how we humans have a negative impact due to our practices. These practices are scientifically called anthropogenic activities and they are known to hurt the environment. You can read more about the branches of environmental science on the internet. We would suggest getting Xfinity WiFi so that you can browse seamlessly and learn more about environmental science and browse the internet for whatever you may need with the ease, such as streaming or checking emails –a reliable provider sure comes in handy.

However, here are some of the major branches of environmental science that you could study.


Sustainability is one of the most studied fields all over the world. The concept of sustainability is that we should change our practices in such a way that we conserve resources so that our future generations could use them as well. This includes using renewable resources rather than non-renewable resources. Sustainability helps shape a greener Earth simply by changing practices and studying it can help us protect the Earth and the environment. Most of the universities that you can find which teach sustainability is in the European region as a lot of work is being done there for sustainability. You could get into sustainable technology and even sustainable town planning. Even an idea as simple as electric cars is also sustainable since it makes use of renewable energy and is easy on the environment with no emissions

Wastewater management

Wastewater management is also one of the most widely studied fields of environmental science. It deals with the concept of how we can treat wastewater so that it can be deemed reusable again. The process of treating wastewater deals with the primary, secondary, and tertiary treatment of water. The primary treatment process is related to the sedimentation of water and grit removal. It is more of a physical process and it removes physical waste from the water. The secondary treatment is more about the chemical treatment of water in which activated sludge is used and bacterial decomposition is done so that the water would be safe to use. In the tertiary treatment, the odor is removed from the water and the water is filtered further so that it could be used again.


One of the best fields of Environmental Science is forestry which as the name states is all about forests. You work for the conservation of forests and their wildlife. You make sure that excessive trees are not cut for wood and timber. You also ensure that the area is safe from poachers who are known to infamously kill animals and are involved in trophy hunting. One of the major jobs that people in the forest department do is that they also take care of National Parks in the country and they make sure that the national parks remain undisturbed. National Parks generally function for the conservation of animals and heritage, if there is any.

Environmental Management System (EMS)

Environmental Management System is very commonly referred to as ISO-14001 which is one of the essential International Standards that all companies over the world should be following. The department that deals with EMS most is the compliance department of a company. Even though it is not an obligation to get a certification, you can still get one to make your company look better. However, companies then go through audits to ensure that they are complying with the ISO-14001 requirements. EMS just ensures that you have a proper Environmental Policy for your company and that you are following it. It makes sure that you are complying with all environmental laws.

Occupational Health and Safety (ISO-45001)

Occupational Health and Safety are also related to companies and how they can make their workplace a lot safer for their employees. Occupational Health and Safety is also included in the ISO family and it falls under the ISO-45001. Most of this revolves around the idea of compliance again and companies have to go through audits and scrutiny to see whether or not they are complying with safe working conditions. Not only are you constricted to working in compliance for a company but you can also become an auditor yourself. All you need to do is to complete certifications such as NEBOSH and OHSAS which allow you to have more command over what is required in occupational health and safety and it can help you audit other companies to see if they comply or not.

Wrapping up

Environmental Science is one of the most interesting sciences as long as you have a passion for the planet and the environment. If you want to work towards a greener future, be sure to major in environmental science.

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