4 Facts About Malachite That You Need To Know

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Malachite is a gemstone that comprises a copper carbonate hydroxide mineral, and it naturally forms over copper deposits buried deep into the earth’s surface. It is a gemstone associated with sophistication, luxury, and class, and its striking shade of dark green is what sets it apart from other gemstones. What makes malachite so popular is that its striking color doesn’t fade or die out despite being exposed to light frequently. It is commonly found in Africa and some parts of Australia, and below are four facts about the gemstone that you need to know:

1. It is a sensitive gemstone

Malachite is a softer and more sensitive gemstone as compared to other stones available in a similar price range. The fact that malachite is soft means that it is easier for this gemstone to accumulate scratches and marks if worn every day or placed in a very popular corner in your home. Hence, if you are investing in malachite jewelry such as a Malachite Ring, it would be wise to invest in pieces that have a design guarding or bordering the stone that make it less prone to scratches. 

2. It has several healing properties 

It is quite common for gemstones to have healing properties and Malachite is no less. In ancient Egypt, malachites were incorporated into amulets as they were thought to give protection from the evil eye and negative energies. This belief has instilled itself into the modern day, and malachite is believed to help regulate menstrual cycles, cure depression, manage anxiety, and improve the overall immunity in one’s body. It can help convert negative emotions into positive ones and help individuals spiritually.

3. It is a rare gemstone

Malachite is a relatively rare gemstone with most of its reserves being found in Congo, Zambia, and Russia. The reserves in Egypt and other parts of the world have long been depleted, which is what makes it a rare and expensive gemstone. In addition to the rare quantity, Malachite is also found in deep underground spaces, which limits one’s access to it and adds to its price and rarity. Additionally, it is rare to find malachite in the form of a pure cluster, and it is usually found alongside azurite.

4. It helps stimulate creativity

Malachite is known to stimulate creativity and creative energy in most individuals. Artists who experience creative blocks in their work should either wear malachite on them or have it in their workspace as the rings present in the stone are proven to have a positive impact on an individual’s creative part of their brain. It stimulates one spiritually and helps them bring new ideas into their work.


Just like every other gemstone, malachite has certain properties that make it unique. It has a strikingly beautiful color paired with rings that can mesmerize any observer. It has several healing properties in addition to positively impacting one’s creativity and love life. If there is any gemstone you should wear or own in your life, it should be malachite.

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