How to Make Your Office Relocation a Success

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Even though relocating home is quite stressful, the real struggle is when you have to move your office to a new area. With all the office supplies, you have to manage employees as well. 

A drastic change in your business makes you think about your real estate strategy. Or it may be the Covid-19 that has left you thinking that maybe a little less space is enough. 

If you have plans for office relocation, then you will want to create a plan that minimizes the disturbance caused to the employees and customers. Here are some effective tips to help you make the right choices during the relocation of your office.

Create a Timeline 

Now that you have made your final decision of moving out of the old office location, and choosing a perfect location then create a timeline. Start planning the move at least six months before your anticipated moving date. Your timeline should include which floor and department needs to be moved before others. 

Make sure you make the crucial decisions by involving your management team, office manager, interior design consultant, and commercial real estate group. You need guidance from these professionals to make the best relocation plan.

Also, get a quote from commercial removalists to help with transporting office supplies. 

Tour New Office Location 

Before you start moving in items, make sure to tour and survey the new office space. This way, you will have a better idea of how to place the furniture and office supplies.

You can decide which area you can assign to a certain department. When you have created a plan, it will be much easier to unload things upon arrival.

Change Your Company Location 

Make sure to change your location on the business cards and your company’s social media sites. Make sure to highlight your address change on the website so that it would not affect your client’s visit. 

Also, leave a disclaimer on your voicemail so that people can be notified of the relocation.  You have to mention the new location ahead of time. 

Involve Your Staff Members

It is not possible to relocate and organize perfectly without input from your staff members. Your staff knows their needs more than anyone else. They can help you figure out ways to organize the office to maximize productivity and savings. 

You don’t need to hire external sources to help with planning and designing the space. You could just set up a relocation committee with experts in your company and get the job done the right way. 

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Assign Tasks 

You can get stressed with all the tasks related to relocation. For this reason, you need to assign tasks to your staff members. It will reduce your workload and guarantee an organized move.

When you involve your employees in the move, they would know what is happening and what the relocation date is. This will help reduce their anxiety and can perform their office work without any problem.

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