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How great is the software? This is a common question many first-time program users have before buying into it. The greatness of software depends on many factors, not limited to price, efficiency, user-friendliness, and functionality.

This article looks at iTop Data Recovery, a software to bank on if you lose your data. Data loss is common and can get you off-guard. With data recovery software having your back, you do not have to worry about file loss as you will have your data back shortly. Sit tight as we look at how good iTop Data Recovery is.

Affordable Plans

The first thing to love about this data recovery program is its affordability. You get a hint of this attribute from the free version. You do not have to pay or sign up to use the free data recovery, instead, you download it directly from the website. You can start with the freeware to know how well the software works. A key feature of the free tool is the dual-scan mode that ensures you get your files fast.

The free plan has limited resources, making it unsuitable for heavy data loss, like in professional settings. You can access more resources by upgrading to the premium plans. Do not get discouraged because you have to pay. The subscription fees come with fantastic discounts of up to 80%. Take advantage of these amazing offers as they last.


Adaptability is a critical factor to check on when getting a tool for your PC and translates to effectiveness. iTop Data Recovery is very versatile, evident from its compatibility with all versions of the Windows operating system. It supports both new and older versions of this operating platform.

You also appreciate this tool’s versatility where it recovers 1000+ different file formats and data retrieval from various loss situations. You can also use the tool to recover files from many devices, including your PC, USB drive, and hard disk, among many more.


A thing that makes this iTop product one of the best data recovery software is its effectiveness. It has a 95% success rate in the retrieval of your data, which is hard to come by with regular recovery software.


iTop data recovery is easy to use. You will have an easy time learning its ropes courtesy of the free version. You can also visit the blog section on the website to get a hint of how to use it. Customer support will have your back in case of any problems when using the app. Reach out to the support team to highlight your issues and enjoy their fast response and efficiency.

Final Word

It is pretty challenging to determine how good a computing tool is before you use it. We save you from the troubles of knowing how good iTop Data Recovery is by presenting you with its key selling features. 

As we can see, it is convenient, versatile, and affordable, critical factors to consider when you need to recover deleted files Windows 10. Get the best out of this recovery program by subscribing to the premium plans. 

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