5 Ways to Restore Your Drain Field and Avoid Sewer Blockage

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The problem with drain fields is that they can become clogged or damaged over time and require maintenance to work properly. Every drain field needs time-to-time repairs to restore it to working condition and keep it running smoothly and efficiently. 

With the right equipment and some hard work, it’s easy to repair your drain field when this happens, so you don’t have to deal with sewage blockage in your home anymore. Here are five ways you can restore your drain field. 

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Repair with Baking Soda

It’s important to identify the cause of the problem so you can fix it, but in many cases, the issue is that there is too much water going through the field. This can be caused by over-fertilization, which causes more nutrients than bacteria can process. 

You can use baking soda to remove clogs in the drain field. Pour 1/4 cup of baking soda down the drain then pour one cup of boiling water. The reaction will cause bubbles that will break up grease clogs. It is one of the easiest ways for drainfield restoration out there. 


Use Additives

Additives such as compost, peat moss, manure, or plants can help nourish the soil and encourage drainage. Plants like clover or grasses can also act as a natural filter for the water that flows through them. 

If you have an existing field, you can use this technique along with a cover crop of rye or winter wheat to freshen up the nutrients in the soil. 


Mechanical Aeration

Mechanical aeration is the process of pumping air down into the field via an air diffuser. It can be done in addition to traditional methods like pumping water or adding fresh soil, but it is also often used as a standalone method. 

Mechanical aeration has been shown to improve drainage and help break up clogs by forcing air into the lines. A qualified and experienced plumbing contractor can help you save the day by using mechanical aeration. 


DIY Plumbers Tape

Plumbers Tape is a very easy, do-it-yourself solution for restoring your pipe joints. The tape will create a watertight seal without having to solder the joint or use epoxy. Simply wrap the tape around the joint, overlapping each turn by at least one inch.

Allow it to cure for 24 hours before turning on any plumbing fixtures in your home that might be connected to this line. 


Replace the Drain field

If the field becomes too clogged, it will not be able to contain the wastewater flow. The result will be a sewage backup in your home or business site. To avoid this problem, it is important for homeowners or renters to maintain their drains by replacing the old ones. 

Yes, it’s true. Sometimes, the drains cannot be restored beyond a certain limit because they have become too clogged over time. The best solution in this situation is to connect a second drain field to the septic tank to ensure a proper waste dump.

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