Hand-Tied Extensions: A Complete Guide

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Typically, stylists and customers have assumed that hair extensions are unpleasant, damage the natural hair, and restrict styling. Thankfully, modern methods have enabled hair extensions’ length, thickness, and volume to be enjoyed without harm and pain.

Hair extensions have lately become increasingly popular. They are pleasant and light that you won’t even notice wearing them. The hand tied extensions assist in giving you luxuriant looks with little effort.

What Are Hand-Tied Hair Extensions?

Hand-tied wefts, machine wefts, tape-ins, and individually bonded extensions are just some options for hair lengthening. Because of its little weight and robust popularity, hand tied extensions have become more common. They may be made in any desired shade and density for the customer or visitor who will be sporting them. 

A stylist must have training in a recognized technique to use these extensions. Although there are several techniques for attaching them, only a select handful prioritize the hair and scalp’s safety.

After a base is made on the head using beads and occasionally thread, extensions are hand-tied on top. A foundation or track is used to sew them onto. What constitutes the stylist’s approach or technique for laying the base is generally understood to be the case. The hand-tied extensions are undetectable and comfortable once they are in place. 

Types of Extensions

Hair Extension Tape

Tape-in extensions are the most excellent option for ladies who wish to add length to their hair quickly and easily. Wearing them won’t take more than a couple of hours. These may be found as pre-packaged hair wefts with adhesive tapes and clips on both sides.

Hair Extensions With Micro Metal Rings

To use micro metal ring hair extensions, a metal bead is clamped onto little portions of hair that have been attached to a small bundle or ring. Loop extensions with beads are another option; they need no additional hardware for installation.

Adding Extensions By Weaving

As you can see, this process of affixing a hair extension to natural hair is fairly delicate. Create a horizontal cornrow at the back of the head, and then stitch the extensions in place using cotton thread and a needle. Although the procedure takes some time, the results endure for quite a while.

The Advantages of Hand-Tied Hair Extensions

  • All-natural-looking length, volume, and elegance
  • With the perfect installation technique, there is less strain on the scalp and the hair follicles.
  • No pain or harm is done to the ear.
  • Infinite ways to look your best with no risk of showing beads or tracks. 
  • Designed to resist vigorous activity, such as sports activities and extreme temperatures.
  • It can be colored to the customer’s specifications for the best possible match to their natural hair.
  • It can be layered to achieve suitable weight distribution according to the client’s natural hair density.

Maintenance of Hand Tied Hair Extensions

To get the best results, it’s best to dry the application area beforehand. Be sure to use high-quality items that provide moisture to the extensions. Weekly or biweekly using a clarifying shampoo is suggested for those with an oily scalp to remove buildup and restore a healthy scalp environment. 


Read about hair extension advantages and disadvantages before getting them. Many individuals rush to obtain extensions and then complain about hair damage. To avoid harm and regret, study every aspect before getting extensions. Consult an expert to find the best alternative for your hair type, budget, and needs. 

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